Alexander-Technique for musicians

The F. M. Alexander-Technique is an easy and effective method, to bring more ease and efficiency in every action. Problems mostly originate from the fact that too much effort is put in the music-making.
With the Alexander-Technique it is possible to reduce these expenses to a minimum. Movements become more effortless, the plays lighter and so-called “concomitants” like pains and strains can disappear permanently.

The whole body coordination is improved with the help of the Alexander-Technique and therefore discomforts are indirectly removed.

The support strength of the position systems together with the freedom and conscious control of the movements is for the musician of great importance: a “strength” results to hold the instrument longer, while the body remains free, is not so fast tired or becomes firm. Fine, steered movements become quicker and more liquid.

The results are often immediately visible and – are even more important for musicians audible.