About Matthias Graefen, Teacher for Alexander-Technique


Since 1999 i deal with the Alexander-Technique. First I took more than 3 years of regular private lessons. Afterwards I began my 3-years teacher training by the guidelines of the professional association Germany (ATVD) inc., which I finished in 2005 with Dan Armon in Berlin.

Since then I give private lessons and group seminars in companies, music schools etc.
Between 2005 and 2015 i  taught and assisted in the training course of Jörg Aßhoff. Since May 2017 i conduct my own training course.


Philosophy and how to benefit?

The Alexander-Technik has many benefits and advantages to offer. Starting with fact of the body, it is possible to experience lightness, deep relaxation, renewed energy and a presence in your daily life.

On deeper level it is a path of self-discovery. You will explore how habits are related to your reactions in your everyday activities. If we are not in the present moment, we easily loose the awareness of our bodies. The results are unaware tensions and a shorting of the whole stature. This often creates uncomfortable feelings, negative thoughts and in the long run chronical pains.

The main tool in this process work is to learn how to stop this on a physical, but also on a mental level. So only to stop gives us the possibility to discover knew options in the way we react and think. The Alexander-Technique is hands-on work in which the teacher and the student are like mirrors for each other and gives us the chance to experience who we are beyond our habitual doing. Learning to get out of your own way, leads us to quality of who we really are. This is the paradox in every path of consciousness. If disturbances get reduced or vanish our senses, thoughts and feelings become pure and reliable again – This is the main beauty of this work!

This work fills me with love and gratitude, and I will be glad to share my skills and experience with you. You can book me in 3 different ways. For the beginning I suggest private lessons. But I also run an international certificated 3,5 year teacher training course. Besides that you can book me for groups, institutions or companies.