About Matthias Graefen, Teacher for Alexander-Technique


My name is Matthias Graefen and I deal since 1999 with the Alexander-Technique. First I took more than 3 years of regular private lessons. Afterwards I began my 3-years teacher training by the guidelines of the professional association Germany (ATVD) inc., which I finished in 2005 with Dan Armon in Berlin.

Since then I give private lessons and group seminars in companies, music schools etc.
Between 2005 and 2015 i  taught and assisted in the training course of Jörg Aßhoff. Since May 2017 i conduct my own training course.


Who can benefit from the Alexander Technique?

People from quite different areas and occupations come to me. What they connect, nevertheless, is mostly the wish to get over crises, to become acquainted better and above all to get of pains or to be able to deal at least better with them. There are coming people who have decided internally to take in hand their destiny independently.

In the lessons it is learned quite individually how one finds an adequate “self use” for himself. Learning a contact freer of tension often leads to multi-layered changes for the people who work with this method.

Seen from the outside, a strengthened and straight back and clearly visible better presence is recognizable.

However, as I observe with my learners and not least with myself, a more relaxed basic tension leads to more joy of life and openness. It becomes clear over and over again how closely the freedom is tied together in the body with the spiritual consciousness!

I might see since that time as my learners get to scoop their strength again more from themselves. The opening of the body and a good healthy contact with him leads in this process to more clarity and consciousness which we, in my opinion, with the requirements of the everyday existence so much need.

I am pleased about all people visiting me and want to go together with me on the search for more mobility and internal freedom.