Autmn Offer!

In order to get into the new season with more inner connection and confidence, I offer 10 single lessons for the price of 600€.

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    Alexander-Technique Training Course Berlin

    If you are interested in the Training Course or just want to come as a guest, please feel free to contact me. For more Infos: Training-Course

    Invitation to visit the Alexander-Technique Training in Berlin!

    Times: Fr. 18-20 and Sa. and So. 11-15

    Fee: 15€ Fridays, 30€ Saturdays and Sundays

    Be invited without obligation to attend our training in any period.
    You can come to us on all or individual days and you will be involved in the teaching.

    We are looking forward to meet you!

    Alexander Technique group classes in Berlin

    From now on there will be a group every Wednesday from 19-20:30. The evenings take place with Antonia Tielking (3rd year of her training) and me. The costs depend on the size of the group. For 3 participants the evening costs 40€, for 4 participants 35€ and from 5 participants 30€.

    The following contents and topics will be discussed during these evenings and of course we will address your personal topics:

    o A theoretical and practical introduction to the basics of the Alexander Technique
    o Individual lessons
    o Work on specific topics as desired by individual participants, for example: best practices for     
    working at a computer, using a smartphone, playing an instrument, public speaking,
    carrying heavy objects
    o Discussion of questions such as: How can I avoid tension and pain when engaging in
    specific activities? How can I bring lightness and effortlessness to my posture and
    movement? How can I become aware of and correct negative physical and mental habits?

    Desirable goals of the classes

    o Alexander technique as a tool for more serenity in everyday life
    o Personality development and growth in group dynamic processes
    o Relief of the body and more flexibility and joy in and on the body
    o Conscious recognition and disturbance of habits
    o Reduce or resolve pains
    o Develop mindfulness in order to survive in demanding everyday situations
    o To experience and deepen the quality of presence
    o Experience yourself and the environment in a new, more alert quality