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body-orientated coaching for presenters and lecturers

The Alexander Technique provides more than just practical knowledge about coordination, posture and sequences of movement.
This method teaches us how to notice and free ourselves of disruptive patterns which can interrupt the natural flow of the body.
The Technique introduces us to new ways of alleviating pain and unnecessary tension, which in turn leads to more lightness and mobility.

In this seminar you will learn about the connection between posture, voice and presence.

More lightness is one of the most commonly described effects of the Alexander Technique.

What are your goals?

  • Do you want to present yourself confidently and authentically, and create your own personal style?
  • Do you want to perform in your workshops, presentations and lectures with a clear voice that carries?
  • Do you want to give presentations with relaxed and honest body language?
  • Do you want to develop a lively and emphatic connection with your audience?

The seminar offers

  • Guidance to a more self-assured performance, such as dealing with fear before and during appearances
  • New approaches to voice and speaking problems, such as hoarseness
  • Improvement of voice quality – carrying capacity, modulation, accent, expression
  • Development of more relaxed body language: posture, gestures, facial expressions, habits
  • Suggestions for an easy-going and self-assured connection with your audience

Practice-based exercises

The main component of this further training is an introduction to the principles of the Alexander Technique, as well as practical, hands-on experiences and exercises.

Participants will have the opportunity to present and get feedback on issues relating to their own professions and contexts.