Body Coaching Retreat And Holidays On La Palma

You are most welcome to participate in a retreat on La Palma Island, Spain in 2020. It will take place from March 7-14.

For more details about the place, how to get there, accommodation etc.

The Encántala Retreat Center is set among natural wonders for your enjoyment and contemplation – vulcanos, wooden mountains, the ocean, and quiet villages. In your free time during the retreat, you might wish to swim, or just experience the stillness or the view on the wild atlantic acean, going for walk or just exploring the environment.

In addition to offering practical knowledge about coordination, body position, and movement, the Alexander Technique helps students recognize and eliminate counterproductive habits, positively influencing natural physical position and supporting natural potential. The Alexander Technique allows you to free yourself from pain and tension and provides a path to increased lightness and mobility. It helps manage symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, tightness, and stress. During the Alexander Retreat at Encántala, you’ll get to know the Alexander Technique and learn the basic principles of movement, coordination, and suspension, as well as realignment.

More permeability and lightness in the body and mind is the most mentioned result of this work!

Included in the retreat

  • A guided meditation each morning
  • Private or shared lodging and all meals (vegetarian, mainly local and organic)
  • At least 5 individual lessons spaced throughout the week
  • Three hours of group work each day
  • A midweek excursion including a nature walk (with a focus on healthier movement, carrying a backpack, etc.)
  • The possibility of booking a hawaiian lomi lomi massage

The retreat program consists of

  • A theoretical and practical introduction to the basics of the Alexander Technique
  • Individual lessons
  • Work on specific topics as desired by individual participants, for example: best practices for working at a computer, using a smartphone, playing an instrument, public speaking, carrying heavy objects
  • Discussion of questions such as: How can I avoid tension and pain when engaging in specific activities? How can I bring lightness and effortlessness to my posture and movement? How can I become aware of and correct negative physical habits?

Desirable goals of the retreat

  • Alexander technique as a tool for more serenity in everyday life
  • Personality development and growth in group dynamic processes
  • Relief of the body and more flexibility and joy in and on the body
  • Conscious recognition and disturbance of habits
  • Reduce or resolve pains
  • Develop mindfulness in order to survive in demanding everyday situations
  • To experience and deepen the quality of presence
  • Experience yourself and the environment in a new, more alert quality

Retreat cost

Board and lodging 435€ (based on a double room booking. On request, a single room is available at a surcharge of 20€ per night.) Retreat fee 500€. Total 935€. Flights must be booked individually. Easyjet flies Saturday and Tuesday directly from Berlin for about 200€.

I will gladly take care of the transfer from the airport for you!

The payment for the retreat can be made in two installments. By the deadline please transfer 435 € and no later than 7 weeks before the retreat the remaining 500 €. Without timely cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply: Between 4-6 weeks before the arrival date 50%, from 1-4 weeks 75%, from 1 week 100% of the costs for the planned period. If canceled more than 6 weeks before the appointment, a 20% cancellation fee will be required for accommodation and meals. However, this is subsequently redeemed as a credit with the organizer. These regulations are based on the specifications of the organizer!

The transfer takes place to the account:

Matthias Graefen (keyword: La Palma Retreat)

IBAN: DE65 1005 0000 1914 0186 95


Early bird price until 31.Oktober, 2019 a 50€ discount!  (final registration January 15, 2020):

If you recommend a friend or colleague who attends the retreat, we’ll thank you with a 50€ discount! 

About the instructor, Matthias Graefen

As a keen runner, I was experiencing increasing pain during workouts. I was desperate to find a solution and stumbled upon the Alexander Technique thanks to a recommendation. After my first session, I could already sense that the Technique had incredible potential. The more I learned, the freer I became – physically and, as a result, mentally. I experienced less pain, found a fulfilling job, and got my “feet on the ground” in every sense of the phrase. The Alexander Technique became a way of life for me, which is why I decided in 2001 to become an AT teacher. Since that times I have been able to help hundreds of clients develop their potential through AT.

In addition to offering individual lessons and institutional and business seminars, I assisted in an AT teacher training program alongside experienced colleagues for ten years. The training to become a certified AT practitioner takes from 3 to 3,5 years and requires 1600 hours of coursework with a focus on “hands-on” work. This process and the opportunity to accompany students on their journeys toward self-assurance and inner freedom gave me such joy that I now offer my own teacher training program in Berlin, Germany. Program completion leads to certification by The Alexander Technique Affiliated Societies.

I feel that teaching is a constant process of development and it is a pleasure to support people’s inner growth and to continue to learn for myself.


Please feel free to ask any question without obligations!